Pillar of Light

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2022-11-17 04:18:56 (UTC)

Long day lots to say

It was an exciting day with the plan to finally see Gavin after so long. What he doesn’t know is that I have been struggling with myself. My low energy and lack of motivation make it hard for me to get myself together.
He was a little annoyed that I showed up to the hotel 20 minutes late, since we were on limited time. I was really happy to see him again. I told myself that I would take it slow and enjoy every second, but once we kissed I couldn’t stop myself from jumping all over him.
He looked good, but gained a little weight around the waist. He mentioned it before I saw him but I was a little surprised that it was true. He’s still majorly sexy, but I definitely saw a difference. Even the way my legs wrapped around him. I guess I need to give him a workout more often.

I wore the lingerie he bought me, the corset was a pain in the ass to put on but looked pretty hot. He couldn’t get me undressed fast enough. He ate me out but much less than usual. He usually loves teasing me but he couldn’t wait to get inside me this time.
Even though we are both cheaters, we don’t sleep around. And I know he rarely sleeps with his wife, so we have both been deprived for about a month.

I was so turned on by him. I almost forgot how attracted I am to him. I got wetter than usual. Midway I told him I want to ride him, then he asked if I brought the toy. I grabbed it from my bag and he started using it on my clit while inside me. It was stimulating even made me giggle a little. He looked a little weirded out like he didn’t like it. We only used it for a minute then I layed on him closer and told him to grab my waist tight and thrust harder. I love when he goes hard. he looks so damn hot when he gets like that, you know all hardcore banging me out. He got on top of me and kept going. Orgasmed for a good amount of time before he pulled out. At that point my head was hanging off the bed and my face was flushed.
It doesn’t always happen when I orgasm but it’s always the good ones when my face gets flushed like that. It’s oddly satisfying.
He didn’t go that long but that was kind of expected. Still great and long enough to satisfy me.

So when we were done we both said “yea we don’t need that” we don’t need anything else to spice things up because we’re so good together already. Then He said we should get something to eat, “or do you wanna fuck again?” He asked jokingly. But I seriously said, yeah I do. He said he can’t do it again right away, he could later in the day. It’s a strange thing how with me maybe other women, once I get it I want more. I could have definitely went for another round, even just writing about it makes me want it again right now.

Anyway we got lunch, and he also got food for me to bring home to my kids. Then I went to pick up my daughter from daycare, dropped her off at my moms so I could get to my chorus rehearsal.

Rehearsal went well, I am practicing for songs I will be singing in a upcoming concert in a couple of weeks. I have to work on a few things, and I have to submit a recording of one of the songs. Need to work on that soon.

Told my mom about the concert and invited her. She was checking the date, and I told her it’s not that important if she can’t make it. She insisted that she will make it. She said “I haven’t heard you sing since you were a little girl” with a look of admiration. She is anticipating watching me sing. It was so sweet. I hope it makes her happy to see that I’m able to sing and perform again. She knows what a big step it is for me.