Dream Scribe

2022-11-17 17:15:00 (UTC)

Ordinary Secret.

I have an extraordinary secret,
So well hidden,
That nobody knows it's there.
Right next to midday,
Is the telling question :
Of a hug that lasts forever.

If you fly north for long enough,
You will see the paw prints
Of wild tigers,
The warmest seas
So blue.
The whitest mountains
Too high to contemplate.
The roughest forests
That time forgot.

In between the seats of
Power and mercy,
There lies a hidden villa
Of ill repute :
An ordinary secret subdued
By blood and longing ;
An idle faucet designed
By hands blackened
With fate.
They breathe by day ;
Gasp by night.
Silver quicksand
Cannot overcome
The Cloven Horse's left hoof.
It shuffles through the
Corridor of Desperation
It's eyes fixed on everything
and nothing.

Tonight we sleep with
Our hands on the enemy
Today we shall dream of...


For fate is upon
The Threshold
Of A New And Bright