Diary writing person

Slowly descending into madness
2022-11-17 10:09:21 (UTC)

Missing me, missing life

The last few days, since the start of November have been unforgiving towards me. They have raced until I could even feel it. My finals of final semester have started from 13th and I've been extremely busy with term papers, t-2, t-1 and rag days. So busy I couldn’t even upload pictures. Didn’t cry on Rag day, like I said, days have rushed before I could even day goodbye.

Rag was fun and colorful. I made time to make sure I danced in flash mob. Always. I mean, this is the last performance of uni life. I'm talking about 6th November.

This is 17th. Finals don't even feel like finals anymore. I can't wait to get into work life if I'm being honest.

That's all. I miss writing. I miss my life.

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