2022-11-16 20:38:14 (UTC)

Electricity Projects #3

Personal entry follows. This is part of a series of entries related to projects and reflections related to the snap-together electricity kit I bought for myself. I'm a 45-year-old guy who is curious about electricity, and this is part of my opportunity to learn more about it.

PROJECTS 11 - 15
- Mostly, more projects addressing the absorption of power in a circuit. Sometimes this is deliberate, like when the system has excess power, and you don't want to fry/damage certain components. Other times, it's just a side-effect of the circuit's design - usually a poorly-designed one.

- The integrated circuit "blocks" are a mystery to me. They're housed in opaque plastic, so you can't tell which connector snaps are wired, and you can't tell if they're polarized and/or need to be wired in a certain way.

- The pictured project is a "doorbell," and it shows my "dirty" finger pressing the doorbell switch. The large red thing near the batteries is the speaker that plays a short bit of music, and the yellow and red components on the left are a resistor and a red LED light that turns on whenever the doorbell button is pressed.