Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-11-17 00:20:30 (UTC)

Past drama

So after I left my first husband, he heard a rumor that while we were married I slept with his cousin. It wasn't true at all but he ran with the rumor, even telling his cousins wife, who I worked with at the time. I remember she came down to my office. I was super nervous because my soon to be ex just told her I slept with her husband was she going to beat my ass? She was super nice and said that he did call her and tell her what happened. She said she talked to her husband he said it didn't happen. I said it didn't happen and she said she knew Les was a liar so she was good with me. I was so relieved.

Since the divorce 12 years ago I haven't seen any of his family except his sister. Well anyways this woman is my nurse for tonight. Awkward. I mean I guess we can always trash talk the ex.

I just want to go home so bad, tomorrow's my birthday so tonight I got a cupcake with my dinner because I am supposed to go home tomorrow. I hope I do.

I just want to start my new clean life fresh without all this stress....yeah like that's going to happen life is stress

But I am strong