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2022-11-16 23:14:55 (UTC)

Bottom feed

There is probably a name for it... and it's probably not bottom-feeding. I attended a live broadcast on FB today. It was about book marketing. This person touts themselves as highly profitable and yadda yadda...

The thing is the spiel was all about marketing to other authors. Yeah. Other authors will buy your book, sometimes. This is like saying hold my money for a few months until you give it back. It's not profitable. I almost said something and just let it go. That has been my thing lately- letting shit go. I'm trying anyway. I guess my thinking was if these people want to just recirculate their money, all the power to them. I will do some of this, but I really hope I'm able to start new ways and new areas to market. I came up with one this week. It launched today, and I sold 4 books in that market.

Some people think I should do live videos. That's a hard pass for me. When I did my Kickstarter video, I screwed up once, walked around the room, rubbed my face, and did it again. I made it through and said, that's enough. AND that was recording... I could have done it 100x and no one would know or cared. It's fine. It worked. I won't be doing a live feed. Also, I am unlikely to do a reel. Ever. Not my thing. I know people really work on these. I have a plan... albeit a likely failure, but it doesn't involve me in front of a camera. Just sayin... no one really wants to see that anyway.