barefoot & barely lifelike
2022-11-10 18:17:29 (UTC)

swimming with the grannies

it's the first time i'm writing an entry on my phone! we'll see how long it'll be until i go "fuck this" and throw my phone against a wall, but rn i'm just way too comfortable - i'm in bed under the covers with w, she's keeping me warm and it's just. lovely. she's lovely. small, warm, soft and tired. these past weeks i've left the house without her more often than i usually do, and she's been so darn cute about it / whenever we are both home. clingy in a sweet way but not so much that i'd think she shouldn't be left home alone. she's just the sweetest little fluff angel, my heart can barely take it.

i had my second to last OT appointment today. once again i realized how much i'm gonna miss her when this is over - which is very soon. i got some much needed reassurance from her, regarding the whole thing with the peer leader training. she also made me put together an IKEA kitchen stool and fill out a bunch of forms - i enjoyed the first part, the second one not so much; it was okay too, sitting there staring at papers just made me v tired. might also be because i skipped my meds in the morning ... dangg i really wanna take a nap rn but i'm waiting for mummu to call me so i can't. or can i..? they're at the spa anyway, so maybe it'll take them an couple more minutes

...i put 20 minutes on the clock and fell asleep. then i hit snooze at least twice, and then slept some more even after that. woke up around 1.20, mummu probably thinks that i'm dead. she had tried to call three times but i think she did eventually go to bed herself. at least i hope so. didn't answer my whatsapp anyway.

-- i slept some more (thank britney), called mummu in the morning and we made plans for later. then me and n did some local shopping - she tried to find something for m's first father's day, but all the three stores we visited had *nothing*. it's so weird that when such a day is coming up you feel like you're being drowned in the "merch" (might just be me though, as i am kinda allergic to father's day and most "holidays", for obvious reasons) but when you actually go looking for some, there's nothing. nada. ingenting. i found what i was looking for though, and that was a bday present for j - i got him a kids builder's set with a tool belt, plastic saw, hammer, screwdriver, tape measure and A DOUGHNUT. it even had it's own compartment on the belt! so friggin cute. i hope he'll like it. now he can assist his carpenter dad haha

i went to the spa with mummu and a friend of hers - and it was surprisingly fun. mummu can be kinda lot sometimes, and kinda mean, but i mean. i love her despite all of that. she made a few comments i wasn't comfortable with but i wasn't bothered enough to have the convos this time. she'd also promised to pay for my pool time but didn't, luckily my aunt had sent me some money via her cause otherwise i wouldn't have wanted to spend money on it. over 15 euros for a few hours of swimming and saunas is a bit too much for my budget... she paid for my dinner later on though, and i'm very grateful for that since it wasn't exactly a cheap restaurant. really nice one though, which surprised us, it being in such a crappy small town. all in all the day and the night were pretty successful even though the flu came back on full force around bedtime. my nose is runny as fuck and i suspect there might be a hedgehog hiding down my throat...

anyway. tomorrow it's britneymother time!