Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-11-16 13:16:33 (UTC)


They brought me food finally. Yeah I will drink the black coffee. I'm not that hungry I guess. Then I remembered I had rolos in my pocket, yeah they were all melted. So I can hold out til lunch.

The ambulance ride was fun, I had 2 young men transport me here. I asked them as they were putting me in the ambulance if they would be using the sirens and driving super fast. The one guy said they only do that for trauma like heart attacks, strokes etc. The other guy that stayed in the back with me said 'he's a rule follower" like he would have turned it on for me, so I said "I'm having chest pains" and the guy up front turned it on for a second haha so that was pretty cool. Also was nice watching the snow fall while not having to drive on it

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