Never Broken
2022-11-16 02:19:16 (UTC)

Bloody frustrating day

S said she wanted to walk the wee dog at 8 AM, so when I noticed she wasn’t up by 7:30, I sent her a text telling her the time. When she did get up at 8, she was in a bad mood, as what she meant was that she would get up at that time and then walk the dog once dressed and breakfasted. I apologised for getting it wrong, like I always do, but really, that is not what she said. She didn’t say she was getting up at eight. She said she was walking at that time.

We made it to my appointment on time. The good news is that they took away the Paracetamol and kept me on the Oxycodone. The bad news is that even though I brought in my medication list, and even though I explained that 10MG tablets, 1 three times daily, was not working for my pain, she reduced it down to twice a day. So I am now worse off than I was before. I go back again on 15 December.

Then, we headed to apply at the flat I was hoping to get. They told me it would take 48 hours to find out if we were approved. We were denied. Back to square one. I am discouraged, but not hopeless…. Yet. Yet, being the operative word. There are still days ahead. We must be out of here by the 27th, so we shall see. Hopefully, we can find a place by then