Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-11-16 00:26:16 (UTC)

Hospital again

So I did go to work today yeah me! Payroll had to be done today, the most important part of my job. About 1/2 way through my hand started swelling more than it already was, turning red runnimg up my arm and was hot to touch so I knew i needed to go back to the hospital but I did finish payroll first. I thought I would just be coming in to get some more iv antibiotics but now I guess they are admitting me for 24 hours of iv meds and for observation. Apparently this is way more serious than I thought people actually die from this.

So this will be my first time in a hospital over night since the birth of Kim 24 years ago. I haven't ate 1 thing all day I'm starving. It's 730 now I'm still not even at the other hospital yet waiting for an ambulance now to take me. I was going to drive over but I have an IV in so legally I can't. I haven't been in an ambulance in 40 years so I am excited about that kind of. I'm going to ask them to use the sirens. I don't know if they will but they might.

My phone is at 39% I didn't think they were going to admit me so I'm not prepared but I did just do rehab with no phone for 30 days so I will be just fine for a night.

Mike thinks I'm dying, I'm not tho

I can't right now. Too many places to go and too many things left to do

Plus my baby girl needs me, Mike used to

Well looks like my ride is here, finally

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