Pillar of Light

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2022-11-15 19:07:33 (UTC)

New Toy

I never been one for sex toys but I decided to try one since I’m not getting what I need regularly enough. Even with 2 men, go figure.

I thought I was going to see Gavin today but he got really busy at work. He had 3 patients that had been on accidents. I realize he wasn’t just blowing me off, he just couldn’t get away.
He called me when he went to grab a sandwich quickly between patients, and we made plans to meet tomorrow.

It’s been almost a month since we last seen each other, been that long because me and my family had Covid and other life things got in the way. We are both really lonely and horney.
I told him I had to get a toy for myself. He said damn your replacing me!
I told him about it. It does the job and gets my to orgasm, maybe hold me over for a little while but it’s not the real thing.
If anything it made me want him more. I need the physical touch and intercourse.

He was happy to hear that and told me to bring it tomorrow. Then I suggested other things we could use like ice, blindfold and heating lotion. He seemed a little confused, like he hasn’t tried anything like that. Not like we need anything crazy but I like spicing it up.

He also bought me sexy lingerie that he wants me to wear. I’m hoping it fits and it looks good lol.

I’m excited about seeing him tomorrow.