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2022-11-15 14:23:42 (UTC)

a bit rabid, still cold though

I practice the habit of getting lost in thought staring at a completed work document, brain a swirl of colors and the light emitted from my computer in the dim classroom. My fingertips are cold, uncomfortably so, but I am used to it after spending so much time in this chilled building. I find it hard to believe that some people are able to simply shirk off their jackets like it's nothing when my 2 layers of clothing aren't enough for me, but sometimes it's better to just acknowledge rather than question.

Sudden heat settles over my hands and my eyes snap to the source, another hand slid over my own. Contrasting temperatures on my skin. My trance is broken, my shoulders hiked, and my hands frozen. Turning my neck, a friendly face fills my vision, direct eye contact. What is wrong with this person?

"Do you mind if I hold your hand?"

And, of course I mind, but warming my hands is a very tempting option and my sleep deprived brain makes little complaint.

I shake my head, allowing my hand to be fully enveloped by a hand with so much warmth it's literally unrealistic. The temperature is too low for someone to be this warm. A fever maybe? Ew.

This person doesn't look sick to me. No sweaty palms either.

I return my attention to my computer, using my unoccupied hand to submit another assignment, pointedly ignoring the way this person has pulled up a whole chair next to me. They look back to the class but my hand remains in theirs, warming.

"Why are you so cold?"

The question should be obvious to me, would be if I had body heat to rival theirs, but I don't. So: "I don't know. It's cold in here."

"Not really."

"Yes, really."

Silence. And then a thumb runs across the back of that held hand. A comforting gesture? What the actual H.

My hands are warm, the day is over, The End.

-i gotta come back tmrw
-these braids wont hold on forever
-im doing those stretches when i get home
-im recording that when i get home
-im tired
-that guy cut his hair
-why is my voice preference sort of skewed (its like, either jim-level accents or slightly zesty, or gruff idk)
-this class is never ending AAUGGHHHH

have you seen that street fighter character Jamie bro i almost passed out from a tiktok edit i saw of 'im, i dont even play the game!!!
same with mortal kombat, why do they make characters that good looking (ToT)
ALSO??? i was watching bruce begin Life is Strange 2 and THE FATHER??? Absolutely undermentioned character, i dont even understand it. ESTEBAN DIAZ bro. I cant- hes SOOOO AUGGHHG, how isnt he literally all over the internet?? I digress. they made me watch a literal read aloud so i chose the vid with the hottest reader (chris pine) AND HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT HIM??? look. there are a few actors that im literally fawning over currently.

-brad pitt
-gong yoo
-loki (idk the actor all the much so...although i also dk gong yoo well ive sen his acting in a total of TWO (i know, a lot) movies/shows and they've given me more than enough reason to like him)
-erwin (miss this man, D: )
-shigaraki in this last season sigh i still havent even finished s4, im in pain, (my rate so far is like 1 episode every 2-3 months, :deosad:)

now chris pine

mugs got me feeling like this remix i just discovered: https://soundcloud.com/crm-ace/ton1ght

my sister told me she thinks im into intelligent ppl but i think im just going dumb for a lot of buff ppl with nice smiles, and also the ones with long hair, idk whats going on, but as i said before better not to question it. they're hot. it is what it is.