Pillar of Light

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2022-11-15 16:38:19 (UTC)

The side dish- backstory

For obvious reasons I don’t use real names on here, so I’ll refer to him as Gavin.

I met Gavin about 3 1/2 years ago, on a website essentially for having affairs. I can’t tell you what made me sink so low to sign up . The worst part is that I was pregnant. My hormones were out of control, and my husband was barely touching me. When we do have sex even now, he finishes too quick and doesn’t satisfy me.

I had many requests on the website, Gavin had no pictures on his profile but good conversation. When he sent me his first pic, I was not interested. But he didn’t give up. He was really into me even though he hated that I was pregnant, and I was like fully pregnant and big.

When I met him in person he was far more attractive than in the bad picture. Tall, fit, tattooed muscular arms, and handsome face. He was slightly goofy just like me, and we made some tacky jokes about him being Jewish and me being Muslim.

He is about 10 years older than me which wasn’t really my ideal, I was imagining finding someone around my age. He is a kind of doctor (don’t want to specify) with his own offices that are both around 20 minutes away from me. Our home locations are further which is good because we have no connections to get us caught.
His reasons for cheating are very similar to mine. He has an unhappy marriage and his wife doesn’t please him. He has 2 kids the same ages as my oldest 2, and wants to keep his family together. So we fulfill our needs outside the marriage.

We couldn’t stop thinking about each other after our first date, and we both agreed that we would delete our profiles because we found our match.

The second time we met we had our first kiss in the car, I remember his fingertips gently stroking almost scratching my arms and body while we made out. It was spicy and new and left me wanting more. couple of weeks of FaceTimes and messaging we were dying to get physical. We met at a hotel. We were both very nervous and awkward. He did not expect to have an affair with a pregnant woman, and it felt wrong for both of us.
I had to make him feel that it was ok. We started with him eating me out. Pregnancy makes your body produce more fluids so it got very wet down there. He loved that. When we got to intercourse he was worried about going to hard, so he kept asking if it was ok. I love his penis, not huge but long enough to feel deep. And he can go for a long period of time.

He is very good with his hands. He does this thing when he already has me about to orgasm he licks his thumb and rubs my clit while he’s fucking me, and it sure does all the right things to me. He says he loves how I can cum so many times and still want more.

We only did it twice while I was pregnant, and he waited to see me again after I gave birth and recovered.
I lost the baby weight pretty quickly and joking said, now you won’t like me anymore because I’m skinny!
I’m still not sure how he feels about my body, but I think he preferred my big boobs and ass. But I told him that’s not my normal figure. I’m very thin and not very curvy at all, aside from having a decent round booty. My normal boobs are pretty small compared to most women but fitting for my size.

Fast forward- with time the sex got even better. I feel like I’m the most open and honest with him, and get exactly what I want and how I want it. He’s really turned on by me, and is always saying how hot I am. One of our best times was when I dressed up as Wonder Woman and dominated him. It was fucking steamy.

I was the first to say anything…about us being in love. We both felt it, and in risk of being awkward I said to him “we both know we live each other”, he wasn’t very bothered that I said it and agreed. Instead we said it’s only luv not love. Because we have to be silly about it.

I came to a point where I was ready to change my situation, but he was not. I respect that because it is what we agreed on from the start.

I know if we ever got out of our marriages we would both want to be together.