Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
2022-11-15 12:33:58 (UTC)

Still broken

I am still completely broken right now

My marriage is over

My favorite cat is dead

And while life completely sucks right now I am 70 days clean from norco yahoo. Told you I'm going for the high number. All this stress that is going on I feel is a personal attack from the devil he is so pissed I beat him at norco. But the one thing I am remembering is how strong I already was, I just forgot

Mike told me last night that he had a final 10 minutes with Panther alone to say good bye. He said he told him that I loved him and he knew that I would never do anything to hurt him ever intentionally he said more nice stuff to him and said that he was so loved and though his life was short 2 years old he lived a good life. I still can't stop crying

I'm going to work today not wearing any makeup because what's the point? I can't stop the tears nor do I want too

I have lost great love this week I deserve to cry

This too will be alright I just got to remember to breathe