Up All Night
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2022-11-15 02:10:04 (UTC)

Nothing Much Entry

Today was payday and I spent all of it on groceries, except 3.00 that was a pharmacy delivery fee. I won't have any money now until Monday. I bought stuff to make salads and sandwiches, milk, and toilet paper. I still have cereal from the groceries my brother bought for me. Have lots of salmon fillets and some chicken still. I will be fine. Oh, and I have peanut butter and jelly. I bought two loaves of bread so I could have sandwiches all week.

Tomorrow my IV nurse is coming to do my infusion. On Weds I see the diabetes doctor. I hope my ride shows up this time. Last time they didn't show and I had to reschedule my appointment.

I don't know if that was my son in those pictures ... The hair is the right color and length. I think about it often ... I don't know what to do. I don't have enough information yet.