2022-11-14 17:49:18 (UTC)

First Costly (?) Mistake

Personal entry follows.

So I made my first error on the job at the internship today, and I feel like it was a doozy. To sum it up: the valve for one of the tractor tires broke off while I was driving it, most likely by a stump on the side of a log I was towing snapping it off somehow.

The oddest thing about it: the tire wasn't filled with air or foam. It was full of some brown liquid that had the odor of old soy sauce mixed with BBQ sauce. Was it actually soy sauce in there? I --

...This just in. They use beet juice in tires. For a couple different reasons.
- It's heavier than water, so adds to the lower center of gravity of the vehicle. Air wouldn't do that.
- It has a higher sugar content, so although it's liquid it has a lower freezing temperature. Water would freeze sooner.

So the beet juice must have fermented, since it smells so odd. There's fermented beet juice sprayed all over the meadow right now. Oh, and on my work clothes.

The manager here is in a webinar for at least another hour. I mentioned in a text that the tractor needs repairs. There's more snow and single-digit temperatures forecast for us in two days. Not the best time to lose functionality of our snow-plowing rig. So it's a minor crisis.

Never gonna tow logs like that again.