Dream Scribe

2022-11-13 23:36:00 (UTC)

Climbing Mountains.

"The last word always belongs to the mountain."

~ Everest : Movie about New Zealand climber Rob Hall and Adventure Consultants agency.
Film by Icelandic director Kormakúr Baltasar. (2015).


The Summit : Now The Descent.

If you look further enough
into life,
It will take you round
a pretty crazy bend.
What it means to one person,
will not mean the same
for another.

Life will make you
bend over backwards,
Push you to the limit
of self-preservation;
Present you with the
ultimate solution to
either live or die.

Keep climbing, turn back,
or lie down and die.
I know resignation is not
a language of the heart.
When you make it to the top,
you'll see a view that very few
have had the privilege of seeing.
You've given it your all to
get there,
You gotta give it even more
to get back down safely.

Defy the odds and live.
No death.