Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-11-12 21:45:36 (UTC)

he left

He came home after work and we ran up to the internet place, he was just going to leave everything in his name, but when he was picking up his new box for his new place, the lady told him that if I put it in my name I will get a new user discount and save money. So the internet and cable are now in my name, with a savings of $80.00 a month, so that's cool. Then when he got done setting up the new cable modem and stuff for me, I headed out to go help Kim get ready for her date. While I was gone, he took some stuff, not all, and he is gone. There was a note "I'm sorry, I love you both"

Now it's after 4pm and I am just ready for bed. I am just super super super sad.