A lifetime of pain and healing
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2022-11-12 07:18:24 (UTC)

Not sure if I mentioned it ..

Not sure if I mentioned it before but I have two brothers. One is legally blind with a list of health problems and he's on and off meth. He always seems to find trouble. He has bipolar disorder with some depression. My youngest brother is my half brother. Same mom different dad's. He's slightly autistic. He has depression with psychotic features and he's a kleptomaniac. Both brothers definitely have anger issues. Both were living with my mom and her ex..when my mom moved out she left them with her ex. Now her ex is hospitalized for his suicide attempt and I don't see my youngest brother living with him in future due to the animosity over the dog dying in the process. I'd say that animals were a coping skill as children. So I think it's safe to say we get super attached to animals. Strange to other people I'm aware. I talked to my other brother and he was talking about killing himself now. He's reckless enough to try it. He's died twice so far in his adult life. Once from an overdose and another time from when a guy drugged him and robbed him. The second time he was on life support for 2 weeks. He suffered some brain damage. He has uncontrolled movements now. He attempted to hang himself a couple months ago but part of his hanging contraption broke. Neither of my brothers work so they are fully dependent. I've told them both for years they needed to find an income and find a way to care for themselves in the event of a death or something happening. I feel like everyone expects me to care for them. My husband is very clear on not having them around and I can't blame him for feeling that way. We don't have room to take in anyone is one reason. I have tried so hard to have some kind of peace in my life that I just really don't want to bring them into my home. Both have anger issues, a disregard for property, and don't hesitate to act on criminal behavior. I'm trying to get my life together and have a career. So it's like night and day difference in our lifestyles.