A lifetime of pain and healing
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2022-11-12 01:37:41 (UTC)

The drama as usual. My ..

The drama as usual. My mom's now ex boyfriend tried to run over her new boyfriend and they got in a fight in a parking lot. Her ex went home and ran a pipe from the car into the house and closed his room off. It killed the dog. When she came back the next day she found him barely alive. They called 911 and when they got there my brother found out that the dog was dead and he went ballistic. He punched holes in the walls and busted the tv. He picked up the dog and was waving it around and screaming at him while he was being rolled out by EMS. The officer on scene told my brother if he said another word he was going to jail. Now my mom's ex is at some hospital hours away on a ventilator. Not sure if he will make it. I figure that was his last ditch effort to get her back. He put on his oxygen and I'd say didn't think he would fall asleep or that she would find him sooner. Kind of like when someone cuts themselves but doesn't intend to bleed out. My mom actually had moved out all of her stuff so she has nothing left there. She claims she was staying there because her ex said if she left that my brother would be homeless and it's starting to get cold outside. After his reaction over the dog I don't see him living there after that. I was at work of course. I was dealing with a belligerent patient when they started calling me and texting me about the events of the day. I think the responders to the house were scratching their heads that everyone was more worried that the dog had died and no one gave a care that my mom's ex was almost dead. They were on the phone with the funeral home requesting them to come and get the dog. Yes we do bury our animals just like someone would a human. They get a funeral service, casket, and headstone. I can't help but think that there is like a blanket of peace now that my mom's ex isn't in the picture causing extra drama.