Pillar of Light

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2022-11-11 22:59:09 (UTC)

Today felt like one of those ..

Today felt like one of those super smooth days.
I signed up to drive for Uber eats a few days ago, just to see if I can make a few bucks while the kids are in school.
I took a few deliveries during lunchtime today, made $55 but the orders were very easy and close by.
I got a sale on poshmark, and about $60 on my Facebook hustle it was a decent day for a stay at home mom.
I’m making a goal to make 150-200 a day however I can.
I told my husband I would pay for my daughters daycare every week. Plus I want to save money to buy a new mattress since he is not buying it for us.

Made the kids chicken wings for dinner so they are happy.

Couldn’t get my boys to finish their chores, but I figure I’ll put them to work on the weekend. It sucks that they are so spoiled and entitled; and I know it’s my fault. It’s like a fight within myself of “give them responsibility” but feeling like “give them a break and let them have fun”.
I grew up doing so much chores and getting a job by 16, but I treat my kids like babies and do way too much for them.
It’s just so hard