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Starting over
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2022-11-11 15:34:03 (UTC)


So right before I was starting to get ready for work Mike text to ask me to take him to the hospital. He ended up not being able to drive home so he pulled over and called 911. I am here at the hospital now. He is waiting as is the new normal at hospitals now to be checked over. He got light headed, having chest pains and it freaked him out. So now we wait. He has an appointment Thursday with his cardiologist but they told him if he felt dizzy or light headed to go to the hospital.

I was in the waiting room but he is so afraid that I will catch something, so I am chilling in the car. He feels bad because I am missing work. Oh well shit happens this too shall pass

He moves out tomorrow so this is most likely panic attacks that's what I think, but I'm not a doctor, so he is getting checked out to make sure he is good.

Side note: when he seriously thought he was dying who did he call before 911?

Yep me. Anyways prayers that he is good