Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-11-11 11:59:50 (UTC)

a new direction

So, this marriage definitely isn't over, it's just now going in a new direction. He is moving out tomorrow, he is renting a basement apartment, from a customer of his, there is no lease so that's good. I will go somewhere for the day, so it won't be harder than it already is. We slept together last night, he did say that he wasn't feeling good so no horse play, yeah, well then he actually let me cuddle him, so I got to rubbing his sexy ass chest, then I finally left my hand stray a little below the waist and that's when 'quick draw mcgraw' grabbed my wrist and said no horse play. Yeah whatever, so I just rolled over. Then here some mister horse play, who got me on fire and more so for over an hour without actually having intercourse. I am just amazed at how much actual time this man spends pleasing me, I loved to be touched and he loves to touch me so that is perfect. I slept like a baby.

I am going to miss him being here all the time, and he will miss me, of that, I am sure.

So even though this is a hard and shitty time, I will not use and keep shining my light and also keep the faith.

Oh, and we are going to start dating (each other) again...I am super excited; this man just does something to me (addicted).

Still seems silly him living somewhere else, but it is what it is

It will work out the way God intended that much I know is true~