Pillar of Light

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2022-11-10 23:50:22 (UTC)

Day recap

I had very low energy and motivation today. I had to push myself to even eat. My head was cloudy most of the day and I got confused about what I was doing.
My husband hit me with a tax issue from the morning, and it put me in a bad mood. We got a letter about 1k owed to the IRS and he was questioning me about it. I just told him to ask the accountant. But it always gets on my nerves when he attacks me about things like this as if I am expected to take care of all the holes he digs himself into.

Wins: I finally got my haircut and color.
I cooked fish and rice for dinner which came out really good.
I visited my mom and sister, got to see my niece.
My toddler used the toilet by herself.

Struggles: I didn’t work on my business today at all. My house is messy, even though I did the dishes and laundry.

Unresolved issue: I sent my middle son to my moms for the day after he got suspended from school and we had a fight. When I went to visit we got into a small argument but we started laughing and joking. He told me he wants to come home. I’m undecided if I should pick him up or have him stay for another night.