Pillar of Light

2022-11-10 16:21:22 (UTC)

Dream: An elite species

In my dream I wanted to teleport myself. It worked and I was floating on my back in a still lake. There were trees around and I was looking up at the branches and leaves swaying around. I asked the trees: what is god anyway, and how did the universe come to be?
The trees directed me to look to the left side of the lake.
At the edge of the land appeared animals lined up, some creatures were none that I ever seen; could have been prehistoric, there was a family of people among them….as I floated all the way to the left there were 3 tall people. Instead of speaking they make clicking noises to each other. I asked, why are you separate from the other people? Are you different?
In disgust one of them replied “we’re not human; we were about to destroy humans”. I said “about to”, but your not anymore?
There was no other words spoken, only expressions that told me. I reached something that humans have failed to, and this stopped them from killing us off “for now”. But they are still skeptical about our species and see us as unworthy and disgusting creatures.

Afterthoughts: My psychic friend agreed that this is in alignment to visions she has of other creatures “living among us in another dimension “.
I truly believe in a dimension around us that cannot be seen, but we can only connect to by feeling.
As for superior beings that hate humans…,I asked myself WHAT WOULD A COCKROACH HAVE TO DO TO PROVE TO ME IT IS NOT DISGUSTING? Would we spare their lives if they appealed to our better nature?

Most people would fail to see that all creatures share the same life energy and are creations of “god” or the universe. We will stomp on them automatically because EWW, they are dirty and ugly. So what if we are seen the same way? Because we are greedy, selfish, violent, and dirty- we pollute the earth and use up resources. Would we be able to convince higher beings ? Not at this point we won’t.

I think until all people are able to spiritually connect with the earth, we are not moving in the right direction.