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2022-11-10 10:42:45 (UTC)

(throwback playlists)

If you think about it, throwback playlist/songs are really, REALLY, subjective. For me, a throwback playlist is this one I just made with a whole lotta electro music and sad-ish lofi (I refuse to add the NF music). Because 6-7th grade were the times I really found my music preferences since I got kicked off apple music and ventured through spotify. So now I have specific songs that remind me of that grade, that time. The last time school felt normal for me, monotonous but not necessarily torturous past the annoying mugs that will always be here.

(my bub itches :( )

anyway, the more important topic.
this morning i was watching an hasanabi vid
and he started getting heated over a certain political thing (while watching a kanye interview) that i dont rly know or care about as much as i probably could--anyway, he started raising his voice or whatever ended up saying something along the lines of
"and if you come to me and say stuff like that, i'll tell you that you can smbwc" (i can't even write it out, just too explicit and out of pocket for me.) THE POINT IS, I found that attractive, and that sorta disturbed me, but i think its best not to question it.
just thought id journal this monumental moment.