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2022-11-10 04:51:50 (UTC)

Again same dream

I am so confused and in all I don't like when he comes in my dream.
Again today I saw a dream and it felt so real. This time it was my ex, his wife and his sister. they called me up and asked me to accompany them to travel to other state to which I strangely agreed.HIs wife was being very sweet and friendly she told me that she know that we were dating in past, his sis was also all good to me. then we went for shopping. my ex told me that I shhould go with him in denim section and suggest some good denim. he tried 1 pant and came out with tears rolling down his cheeks I asked him what happened he told me that I dint do good to you isnt it? I couldn't marry you. I couldn't get you. I said that's ok things were not meant to be. You have a very lovely wife and even I met a very nice person as my husband lets be happy in out lives. and I patted him and hugged him. he came close to my face and brushed his lips to mine, I felt wrong and I moved back. Then I asked him can I ask you 1 question. he said yes go on. I asked him do you miss me? and he said everyday. I told him i dont think so coz now you are married. He said ya but I still do miss you.

Al this was so real, this conversation, pat on his back and lips brushing felt so real. This kind of dreams is disturbing. I woke up and called mom to tell her she laughed and said even I dont know why you see such dreams. pheww... I dont even think about him ya TBH he does cross my mind sometimes but I dont miss him. I just want to say Monku I dnt have any grudges pls be happy in your life. Also, as far as I know him he has already forgotten me. I can clearly state him from our last conversation we had back many yrs ago. He was rude, he shunned me, he was totally opposite of what he was to me, he cared for me the most but he was least bothered. I felt like a child who was abandoned coz he treated me like one. phewww lets forgot this now...
why do I get such dreams let me know if you reading this