Dream Scribe

2022-11-10 13:03:00 (UTC)

Field Of Dreams.

They watched as close can be
A beautiful vision of you dancing
On a star-studded night
Stripped down to the emotional bone
With your hair in your eyes
And a full moon rising
On the tip of your tongue.
I traced each muscle of your body
With a light touch akin to a kiss
And imagined that the two of us
Would be at peace despite
The audience unwarranted.
Dream deep with me now
Your longing is my greatest desire
Neutrality clamps a steel band
Of pure sanity round my soul
There is no dark realm here
To foul the new region
Of healed wounds.
Tomorrow I will visit The Field of Dreams and smooth over
The Cutthroat Whisperer
And soothe her sorrows away
And forgive the Bright Star pining.
For Heaven looks on
And Heaven applauds unseen
So uplift your beautiful eyes
Weep no more.

You know I love you don't you???