Never Broken
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2022-11-08 11:41:30 (UTC)

Feverish and tired…

I woke at 8:42 this morning but decided since the boys were being blessedly quiet, I would go right back to sleep. And, so I did, for a whole hour. One hour exactly.

I did not eat breakfast since I woke up so late. I haven’t even prayed yet. I attempted to coax my wee terrier to eat, but he did not want any food. He did, however, covet the snack I was eating, so I gave him a bit. He didn’t eat much yesterday, as he sometimes is very picky, and so I am a little anxious about this.

I am feverish today, but I am not ill. My autoimmune diseases make me prone to fevers when my pain is especially bad. I am drinking my herbal drink for pain, to which I added something for fevers. I do not want to take an extra Percocet, because I have already taken some extras and I must have the right amount when I go to my appointment. The appointment was originally supposed to be on the 18th, but it was changed to the 15th.

I recently did a course on spiritual warfare and one of the sessions was on the seven deadly sins and seven virtues. We are all sinners, and we all have issues with all of these sins. For a person to say they do not, is a sin in and of itself, the sin of lying, of course. One of my biggest sins is the sin of sloth. Yes, I work hard. I take care of my responsibilities to others, like my boys, but when it comes to doing the things I must do for myself, I am the world’s biggest procrastinator. I know I have mentioned this before. When one procrastinates, one is committing the sin of sloth.

I wrote yesterday that I was going to call my friend Dan. I did not. For admitting I need help is difficult for me.

Anyway, I have written this prayer for this afternoon. I am thinking I will watch a little more television and go back to bed. Well, it’s not exactly television, but it’s television programming I’m watching on my tablet. First, I must call the vet and my mother to make sure she can pick up my wee dog’s thyroid medication tonight. For he is almost out of pills and I’d hate to ask S to go and get them for us. I love that wee little dog. He is well and truly my best friend and I will want to crumple up in a ball, buried in a dark hole, and never emerge once he passes out of this life.