Never Broken
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2022-11-08 01:16:19 (UTC)


When a person finds out that one has been lied to, it is never a good feeling. Especially is it not a good feeling when one finds out that one has been lied to quite unnecessarily by someone that one is supposed to have a business relationship with.

I do not understand this default to telling lies when one can just be honest with people they are supposed to be doing business with. I was to make payments on a particular thing. I attempted to make those payments back on the 25th when they were due, but I was informed by the manager that the online payment system was blocked and I should try again tomorrow. I was on the phone with my friend Carrie at the time, and she heard the manager say this to me. I tried again the next day and the next day and the day after that. I was given a message each time that said, “I’m sorry, but we are not accepting payments at this time.” I asked the manager today about why I could still not access the online payment system, and I was informed that I would have to pay with a money order. Well, ok, why didn’t you just say that 14 days ago? I just don’t understand.