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2022-11-07 13:06:44 (UTC)


I had a nice weekend con mi familia. Played some Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for the first time in a long, long while. Learned a bunch of French stuff. There's a day off tomorrow so I'm gonna use that to finish this homework I got today.

During my math test, I was thinking about the past years. The last time I really ever felt normal, just as I am, was in 2020. After that, insecurities actually became una problema.

I plan on exercising with N today, if he still agrees to. I've got some starbucks in the fridge. And some good leftovers from yesterday. Probably gonna go on the fam zelda acc and go back to the og land to farm and try to kill that rock monster again. It was a bust on my own. I brought the game and played on my own switch lite, just to explore and stuff without killing the character/progress we're all using.

Sentence of the day: J'ai des devoirs. D: