Lost for words at times
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2022-11-07 13:45:45 (UTC)

Payback's a Bitch Manchild

I am a wicked, naughty woman. I think l have tipped manchild over the edge. After me posting my drival on here yesterday he texted me aload of bollocks. Instead of me just leaving matter's alone, what did l do.. l went in for the kill.
I got onto his Amazon account and ordered him a huge dildo and sent it to him, with a little message to go fuck himself! He clearly recieved the confirmation e-mail and automatically assumed that l was to blame🙀l was then told that the police has been told about my behaviour!🤣 l sure would of loved to of heard that phone converstation. Like l told him, l will eagerly await them to vist my arse, because l will then tell them about the two cars that he own's and uses that have no MOT! (It is illegal to use a non-exempt vehicle that requires a test without a current MOT on any way defined as a road in the Road Traffic Act 1988) So.. bring it on!!!
Calling me bloody controlling and violent, damn fool. Revenge wasn't my plan, as he will just fuck himself over on his own, without my intervention. Quite literally, if he can't stop the gift l sent him🤣🤣🤣Never push a crazy bitch to the point where she doesn't fear the consequence's of her own action's!

As for me.. l see a glimmer of hope. I just need to take each day as it comes and not allow other people's issue's become mine. 'My bloody American' l owe you BIG time! Not only did you come to the aid of Amy the other day, your always their for me, regardless of what the issue is. For that l thank you.

I had a nice chat with my online friend 'K'🖤 the first time in just over a year l actually spoke to him. Such a wise inspiring young man.
'K' also inspired me to get on Twitter. To be honest, l haven't really grasped the concept of that yet, but it's a great distraction to my muddled mind. I've managed to follow loads of my vicious music bands🤘🎸well.. 80 of them so far. Awesome to see Zakk Wylde goofing around playing Farewell Ballad solo. His guitar playing gives me goosebumps, saying that alot of them do.

Until next time, take care of you x

Song for manchild. Just happens to be one of favourite band's🙀🤣Slayer Payback🎸🤘🖤