Never Broken
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2022-11-07 05:50:27 (UTC)

Anxiety and dark dreams!

My dreams have been very dark and downright terrifying over the past couple of days. I am obviously anxious as one might be in my situation.

Later today, I will call some places to find out about pricing and call Pastor Dan to ask for his help. If he cannot help, or more likely will not help, I have a backup plan. I don’t think I’ll need to use it though. Still, I am extremely anxious right now, especially since S informed me that moving was fine, but she would need at least 30 days notice. Well, she isn’t going to get it for various reasons. I can do nothing about that though, so she’ll just have to make do and we’ll all do the best we can.

What else is there? I will have more news later today, I’m sure.