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2022-11-07 01:19:03 (UTC)

November 6

Before today I still had photos from 5 photoshoots that I hadn’t edited yet. I was excited to see how they will turn out, but I just couldn’t get myself to do anything in the last week. But finally I started editing today, and I finished the first.

It was the shoot with Amber and Mia from October 18. As I wrote in that day’s entry, I tired something new, I used a flash, so I was very curious how good the pictures will be. And they’re pretty good, I like them very much. Well, I don’t like Amber’s pictures, but that doesn’t really matter, she only came to accompany Mia. It was Mia who I wanted to photograph, and her pictures are very good, some are amazing. I will definitely do this kind of shoot more often.