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Starting over
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2022-11-06 20:37:12 (UTC)

So last night there was a ..

So last night there was a super bad windstorm, and it blew our shed completely away. I asked Mike if he wanted me to go out and help him bring in what we could, but he said it was just stuff and he wasn't worrying about it last night. This morning, I asked him several times if he needed any help from me and Kim, he said no. I guess if we helped him it wouldn't fit into his 'I do everything' narrative he has going on in his head. He does do everything himself, only because he doesn't let anyone help him.

Anyways, I left and went to the baby shower. There is nothing left when I got home, he cleared it all away and a friend of his from work is letting him store his stuff there, not that he told me any of this, I seen a post on facebook. Which he is petty as fuck about facebook, deleted my comment and told me not to comment on his stuff, what the fuck ever. I am so over his high and mighty and he is so much better than me attitude. He feels I was a shitty wife because I lied and did norco. I never cheated, I never even looked at another man, I was faithful and loyal 100%. I went to work and came home that was it, I had no social life, he was my life. I told him to make a list of the good times and bad and see if the good times outweigh the bad, like a pro and con list. He won't or if he didn't he certainly didn't tell me about it.

He said this is all my choice, no I told him I once chose norco, when given the choice norco or you, I chose you. I didn't chose for him to leave me, not at all. I hate this

I know it's going to happen and there is nothing I can do about it, so I am just stuck right now

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