Lost for words at times
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2022-11-06 13:53:47 (UTC)

I need to focus, on all the good thing's

I think need the short sharp jolt of realization that i'm becoming a victim to my emotional demon's.These demon's are trying to take hold like squatters in my mind, occasionally appropriating more space but never gaining complete control. I just haven’t figured out how to expel them completely, not yet. I'm still feeling so angry! Why isn't anyone listening to me? I'm so frustrated. I feel like i'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder's. Suffocating with other people's drivel to the point where l feel if your not going to bring anything constructive and meaningful into my life then you can all fuck off. Because, right now l feel like i'm falling apart and no one is fucking noticing unless, l respond in a negative way. Then their like, fuck what's wrong with her. I just need to focus on good thing's.
I heard from manchild. At this very moment i'm not even going to worry about him. Like l said to him, l looked to you for support and what did l get? nothing. Just accusation's that l told him he couldn't drink! At this very moment it isn't about him or his drinking habbits. It's about me and how i'm going to dig myself out of this recent setback. All l know is I don't want to die.