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2022-11-05 06:59:42 (UTC)

Re: Ups and Downs

My sweet whore writes so very eloquently about the beautiful “place” we share. A place that is undeniably important and necessary for both our mental health. It is this bedrock foundation that accentuates the highs and minimizes the rare lows that W/we experience.

When W/we recently had a “low”, I admit to a painful physical reaction. But, the c o m m u n I c a t I o n skills that we have honed after a decade together easily made for a safely net that kept anything from spiraling out of control. There were some tears on her part and there was some confusion on My part, but neutral corners were found and we hashed out any misunderstandings. Never, not for one iota, was there a fear on My part that W/we wouldn’t work it out. And we did. W/we discussed the meaning of trust and recommitted our bond to always talk things out. And, in true D/s fashion, she surrendered herself fully to Me in demonstrations of her obedience and commitment. In the most exquisite moments of sexual and intimate bliss she has exclaimed to Me - “please don’t ever fucking leave me!” As I grind into her cervix and stare into her eyes I pronounce - “I won’t!”

Those who consider each other to be “the world”, can do no less.

Master Connor - Owner of deanne
Thank You for the lovely response, Master. i hope Your weekend is going well and that You have a safe return trip home.