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2022-11-05 11:47:46 (UTC)

tell me why

Last night daughter and I just decided to have a movie night in the living room and sleep out there, well tell me why I woke up to her saying "mom, mom, I want to heat this up to eat, is it ok if I put a metal bowl in the microwave, I don't want to start a fire"

She is about to be 24 years old, she is too funny. When I was 24 I didn't know how to cook anything other than grilled cheese and mac n cheese. My first husband just said "I love cheese" so it worked for us, well until it didn't. Mike did all the cooking here, I did the laundry. He would sometimes, but it was mostly me.

I'm almost 55 so what is the point in starting to cook now? I can be fine with microwave crap, spaghetti o's, popcorn. I'm easy, open up a can of peas or green beans, dinner is served. It will just be for myself, Kim is always either working or at her boyfriend's, so she doesn't eat here.

this is random, but yesterday at work this man called about his mother's bill (we are a pharmacy that sends meds to the senior assisted living homes) anyways, while I was talking to him I told him "I'm sorry this is going to be weird, but I have to tell you I love your voice. I mean you have such a smooth voice, like you should be a radio person or a meditation guide. He started laughing and said funny you should say that. I used to be a professional singer and now I am a pastor of a church. I said where at, I am looking for a new church, he just so happens to be in my area. Small world, we service all of our state. So he invited me to come to his church, not sure if I will or not this week. I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow at 1 so that will be pushing it. I love the church that we go to, it's just more Mike's friends then mine. Only because I stopped doing things socially pretty much after 2020 happened.

Well this house isn't going to clean itself, already did what I needed to do for myself today, meditation and prayers out of the way, laundry going. Now to tackle the dishes, then maybe 1 or both bathrooms, depends on how much I get done before Kim wakes up she wants to celebrate today.

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