Never Broken
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2022-11-05 04:25:49 (UTC)

Definitely moving…

I was informed Friday that the property management company is letting us out of our lease. I am happy about this, because I cannot go on this way, and though I am nervous about the future, I am also optimistic. I have several options available and I’m going to be looking into those on Monday.

I am going to phone my friend Pastor Dan and ask him if he can help with getting together some volunteers to help with the moving process. It’s true, I am not a member of his church, though I do attend sometimes just because I love Dan’s preaching style, but my mother is and I’ve been there on and off since the 90’s, so I think he will help with things. I haven’t told my parents that I was let out of my lease, I merely told them that I was looking at other options. I do not want to tell them until I absolutely have to. I am not looking forward to those two conversations.

In other news, it must be the week of the fallen. Literally. Thursday, my mother informed me that she had fallen down tripping over something one of the dogs she doesn’t need and doesn’t pay attention to, left out in the floor. She was not seriously injured, but was sore on Friday. I told her to take it easy. This morning, one of the boys fell outside whilst walking my wee terrier. He is hurt pretty badly, though I don’t think anything is broken. Still, I would have preferred him to go to hospital to get checked out, but he does not want to do this as he has a Zoom conference in a few hours. If he misses the meeting, he could end up in prison for 30 years for IRA membership. Being in hospital is not a good enough excuse for them.

I called emergency services for Éamon because he was having trouble getting up off the floor and they came out. I could not go help him myself because I did not know exactly where he was. I mean, I knew where he was, but I did not know, as a blind person, how to navigate there.

I am reading The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth. I think I’ll eat an ice cream cone for breakfast. That sounds like a good idea to me.