Lost for words at times
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2022-11-04 21:36:50 (UTC)

🤬🤬Fucking had enough🤬🤬

I've not been in a good place just of late with everything that i've gone through. A situation at work tipped me over the edge!
I've never felt so low in all my life. I've got to the point where l don't want to actually be here anymore. I cancelled seeing my brother this evening because l didn't really want to be around anyone. No one, seems to understand what i'm going through😿i've had enough l can't do this anymore, i'm done with life. I feel disappointed waking up every morning.

This week manchild had been texting me, he wanted to come around and l couldn't think of an excuse to stop him. So he came around this evening.. he made me go out to grab something to eat as i've not been eating. I didn't want to go.. eventually l did. We ended up grabbing McDonalds and brought it back to mine. I reluctantly ate.. as he was munching his way through the food whilst drinking a bottle of bud. Then he said he wanted to open a bottle of Glyva! Why.. l asked? "Are you telling me i'm not allowed to drink?" He shouted. No! Just i'm not wanting to drink and l thought we could have that when l was, was my replie. "I can't believe i've come up here for you to tell me i'm not allowed to drink" he said. "You have wine or more bud's, so you have fucking come up here to fucking get drunk and hopefully fucking laid, fuck friday, fuck off, get out my fucking house, you fucking prick" next thing he his pushing me about in my kitchen. I opened the door and fucking pushed this motherfucker out the door. He called me a physco bitch! "Yes l fucking am, now fuck off" l screamed as we are now having a full on scuffle at my back garden gate. I fucking hate him. Why am l so fucking stupid to listen to his fucking shit. I'm absofuckinglutely raging. I want to fucking kill him. What a fucking cock, who the fuck does he fucking think l am. I'm nobody's fuck... l choose who the fuck l want to fuck and by fuck it definately ain't that motherfucker!!!

I'm fed up of this fucking fucked up life!!! I fucking hate myself so fucking much! Good fucking bye!!!!