deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2022-11-04 15:07:34 (UTC)

Ups and Downs

Exactly a week ago today at this time Master and i visited and had an incredible time together. When things go well for us they are most often spectacular, as they were that day. We connected on so many levels -- mentally, intellectually, physically. We shared a cocktail (including the two olives) and He did some wicked things with them. Needless to say there was no attempt whatsoever from me to stop any of it and its very safe to say that we both hit a huge pinnacle moment together. It was beyond wonderful.

Then just a few days later we hit a very rare snag and He was not at all happy with me. i didn't quite understand the severity that He saw in the incident but i knew quite quickly How bothered He was. i had to go to the office the next day so we didn't communicate which in hindsight may have been a blessing. But by the following day He had settled down and forgave me.

He has been away a few days on business and i am thankful that we were able to visit just before He left and i could send Him away with a BIG smile on His face. It would have stressed me had we not been able to do that before His trip. And i surely hope to have the opportunity to welcome him back home very soon. Thankfully our "downs" are rare and far between, and we share many more "ups" together.

He means the world to me.



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