Dream Scribe

2022-11-05 08:29:00 (UTC)

Invisible Storm.

Every step is a great challenge
Every day an arduous journey
Each moment owns me
Into the trial of fire I must go.
Bearing a semblance of
Consummate skill.

This changing weather
of emotional extremity,
Is a sword that I cannot wield alone.
High above a moving Earth,
The World of The Eternities
sparks a raging inferno.
Worthy of the flipside of righteousness,
The Banner of Truth whips the storm
With renewed strength.

Though the very Jaws of Hell gape wider before me,
I fear no evil.
This mantle of purity which protects
Has deepened its conviction
Upon my head with oil :
Annointed by The Lamb of Heaven.
He holds my trembling soul
closer than ever before.

By their fruits ye shall know them.
Who cultivates evil is evil still,
To whom goodness is bestowed
By their making, shall be good even still.
I belong not, to the Great Kingdom
that is divided against itself.
My feet belong to God, The Eternal Father.
It is He, that I have always served.
I long for rest.
Because the wheat stalk and the tare
Are even closer than ever before.
Today I work, tomorrow I rest.
Today I rest, tomorrow I work.
Invisibility is something that I understand and then again, I do.