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2022-11-03 22:37:16 (UTC)

HasanAbi uhh

Okay, so this guy looks good and he's Turkish(?). Exchange student is also turkish, very cool. They're talking about china's thinspo problem and it's making me want to eat right too rather than straight up binge fast food while only going to the gym on 3 days of the week like it makes up for it. I'm aware that youthful metabolism doesn't last forever so I can't go on like this. I've already given myself a wish allowance so I think I'll add one for fast food too. Can't have em more than twice a week since we actually do have food and ingredients to make food at home. And the internet exists for leraning how. Also, I'm dropping Genshin Impact (I don't like Sumeru or any of the new characters introduced or how long the plot will probably take us in circles to get to Lumine so I'd rather just not play it and waste time and energy) so I need a game to replace it.

So that's.
-Learning french for now because other languages and places existing is pretty cool.
-A wish and fast food allowance, monitering weight because I'm always too lazy to look (117 or something rn). {ive alr used it up this week}
-Probably Exe tomorrow as well if k doesn't cancel.
-drink water for bloated feeling also ask abt glasses also start the game omgomg dont jst do everyhting in the begining homestead

i dont wanna by defined as amerique by my weight or any problems i have with managing it