Lilac lavendar2

Starting over
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2022-11-03 11:05:47 (UTC)


So last night Mike was a little upset as he says "I still don't get it, we are not equals, you lied for years, I messed up recently, we are not equals at all"

that's not what she meant. She was saying why do we always have to compare ourselves, example she has wives that come to her 'my husband is addicted to porn, I don't understand it we have a very active sex life, why does he do this?' she says she tells the women this has nothing to do with you at all, you could have sex with him 7 times a day, the man is an addict, he will still do what he 'needs' to do, there is nothing you did nor could you do, this is his problem. The woman was comparing herself to all these beautiful porn stars and there was no way she could compete in her mind, so she felt inadequate, but it wasn't her fault. She did nothing wrong (kind of like Mike in our situation, he did nothing wrong for me to get addicted to norco, I am an addict)

Sorry, better comparison. I am no better than your local 'crackhead' that gets high then just bends over and burns her leg with a cigarette, we are the same, equals, both addicts.

Just because someone lied for years about hiding their drug addiction doesn't make them any different from someone who has lied in the past 6 months numerous times, we are the same, equals, both liars.

I don't know, makes sense to me, we both fucked up, let's just forgive and move on. Wipe it clean.

My brain is messed up this morning, due to some intense love making last night. How the fuck does this man get better every time even after 10 year, and we are currently 'separated

I don't know, but if he needs time, then so be it, do you

I just want you to know that I am not judging you at all for leaving, I do understand and I think you are brave. Brave because it would be so easy to just stay and fall back into my evil web of lies, just kidding, too soon? But seriously you are brave because you are going out into this world not knowing what the heck is going to happen, that takes courage.

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