Never Broken
2022-11-03 05:07:19 (UTC)

Pain, and musings…

I had to put away the messages earlier. I know most readers will not understand what that means, but in Ireland, “messages” means groceries, foodstuffs. Doing this, putting away the messages, taxed my arm sorely. Both my legs are also hurting. Three out of my four limbs hurt so badly I can literally taste the pain.

I have an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon on the 11th and pain management on the 18th. I am not looking forward to either one. I know the ortho will yell at me for not keeping my arm in the stupid, unnecessary sling, and pain management will be unpleasant because I will have to ask for a medication rise and they are not going to like that.

I found a whole list of affordable housing options yesterday, so I’ll be making phone calls later today to see if they have any availabilities.

I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and thinking about surgeons, doctors in general really. If a doctor finds out that his patient is dying, and that said dying patient was a terrorist or a serial killer, does he still have the obligation to treat that patient with ethics and compassion? Yes, I think he does indeed have that obligation. I know many struggle with this concept and it is simple. Doctors take an oath to preserve life. All human life. What that serial killer or terrorist did they will be judged for. It is not up to the doctor, or anyone else, to play at God.