Up All Night
2022-11-03 03:17:26 (UTC)

Why I'm Up All Night

Sometimes I sleep well and sometimes not so well because I am upset about the stuff I found on my Facebook or worried about something or other. Usually money.

I've made myself really sick by smoking. I'm not supposed to be smoking because I have Alpha1, emphysema, asthma ... My lungs are very delicate because I have antitrypsin deficiency. I tried smoking again and it caused me to have an asthma attack, my nose ran and I coughed until I gagged. I don't like alcohol much or I'd be drinking. I drink diet soda pop like crazy.

I gave my cigarettes away today to an old man that always asked me for a cigarette. I also brought him a couple of sandwiches and some cans of ravioli. He's nothing but skin and bones and said he was starved. He is supposed to get groceries tomorrow. I got mine today.

Anyway, there's a lot bothering me and that is what this Diary is for. I refuse to buy any more cigarettes.