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2022-11-03 02:43:23 (UTC)

Grisly Pictures Someone Posted on My Facebook

The e-mails from my son are few and far between. Ocassionally I've wondered if it's even him anymore.

I let a stranger friend me on Facebook. I looked at the profile of this stranger and there was a picture of a man with his penis missing. It was gruesome and grisly. Someone had cut his penis off and put a badge where the penis used to be. This picture upset me. Later someone posted a picture of the penis in the comments of one of my posts. The penis was uncircumcised and looked like it had been burned. From the looks of things, there was more than one person involved with what they did to this man. I reported them to Facebook. To this day, I suspect it was my son in the picture. I could not see his face, just part of his hair. Since this happened my son has not been writing to me like he used to. I told the FBI that I suspect it was my son but don't have enough proof. If I knew for sure I would go after them. I would try to get them for doing that to the man if only I could get more information about who did this. From what the penis looked like, I would say it was my son. I know ... I used to change his diapers. This still upsets me and I don't know what to do. Looks like a hate crime to me.

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