Dream Scribe

2022-11-03 00:32:00 (UTC)


what goes bump! in the night
will eventually end up
springing back the next morning.

if I ask a favour of you
it's because I love you
you are pound wise ; me penny foolish.

should I stop now
the end won't come at all
making life harder than ever before.

would that the wise be fooled
but I'm not so sure that this is the case
we've been down this road before.

trees sway in the sweet breeze
bend hard through the hurricane season
topple over when the ground shakes.

the sweet round cherry on top
paints a picture of sweeter remiss
this is not the painting that I wanted
it has too many bent lines worked
in deeper shades of green

broken china and clay becomes art
like a mosaic mind on the mend
soft hues of magenta, palm green, chartreuse.

I visited the formulary and paid the pure price for it
wasn't sure whether or not
the ultimate price was right.

we write as ghosts who drift on a
torpid night sea
set against a blazing midnight sun
and stars falling in disgrace.

fetch me a pail of bloodless water
to tip the scales in favour of good and right
our boat will level up as it sinks to the ocean's floor.