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I Hate Middle School
2022-11-01 23:33:27 (UTC)

Despicable You, Despicable Me, Despicable Everybody In Between


I know, I switched up my greeting, feelin' different today XD. Seriously though, happy Halloween! I hope you all got tons of sweets and that pumpkin-flavored stuff people seem to like. I was dressed up as my Kirishima cosplay for trick or treating. I'll see if I can put a picture on here of it. I ended up going with Riley, Jacey, and Kiarra, as per usual. Jacey was an inflatable cow, Riley was some gambling little bunny girl from an anime (lol), and Kiarra was your typical sexy bunny thingy. I feel like our costumes this year represented our personalities pretty well. Jacey, random and over the top. Riley, cute and kind with a darker side. Kiarra, a slut- jkjk... kinda... and me, an optimistic friend that has a high tolerance for people and *cough cough* mental issues . Not to say this is 100% accurate, I just think it fits.

Sooooooo... an odd story from yesterday; I was at lunch right? Olivia and I on one side and Zach, Noah, and Katie on the other? Well since it was Halloween some of us were in costume. The ones important to the story, I had on a cat onesie with some last minute makeup and a headband, and Zach was in a hazmat suit. When he showed up I called him a minion since he was yellow. I was joking of course, and everyone joined in. We weren't being mean, just being playful, and he was playing along. But then Noah took my headband as a joke and put it on himself. Idk exactly how it went down but eventually Noah and Zach were fighting over it. Noah was trying to get it back for me and Zach was holding on for god knows why. Zach kept saying he wasn't giving it back because we were "bullying him" and we kept saying that it wasn't bullying it was just playful teasing. Zach refused to listen though and pulled harder. Noah and I told him to let go because he would break it (I just asked for someone to let go) but Zach said no and that he didn't care if he broke it or not.

Long story short, they broke it. Snapped it right in half. It wouldn't have upset me much except for the fact that I got them from an old costume I wore when I was like 5. I honestly wanted to cry after seeing that memory snap. Instead, though, I just played it cool and was like "whatever, it's fine, I'll just put up my cat ear hood." Noah and Katie were yelling at him for breaking my stuff (my friend group might playfully mess with each other but we're VERY protective when it comes to someone seriously trying to hurt one of us) but I told them to stop. After that, we tried to play it normal for the rest of lunch but Zach never even apologized and I couldn't make eye contact with him or even look in his direction all day. Today Zach wasn't at school - which was probably for the best since now I had time to think about it, talk about it, and cool off from my internal funk - but I hope he's there tomorrow. My plan is to do what I did with Vinny. Just sincerely apologize. Explain that I wasn't meaning to bully him and I thought we were just poking fun at each other, then tone it down and hopefully make up. My friends (Katie and Noah) are trying to make it into a picking sides sort of thing, and I appreciate their support, but I don't want a fight or drama. I hurt him without knowing, he overreacted. We agree we're both to blame, then friends again! Wish me luck... I'll update you soon. Fingers crossed! Byh Bye!

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