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2022-11-01 23:51:49 (UTC)

New House Stuff

Dear Diary,
Well Im still out of state, figure I will be here another week at the least. Im waiting on the Propane tank being filled for winter, and a new water heater going in the basement. Ive had cold water this whole time. So not fun to take a shower. SO far weather is great but supposed to be cooler around thurs, drop 20 degrees. My neighbors gave me a big pot so I can boil water, use it for dishes or to sponge bath my upper half or wash my face, etc. And I do the rinse of my lower half in the cold water, too cold to run over my head! Just wash my hair in the sink, my immediate neighbors offered me there shower too so I had a hot shower there on Halloween, first one in a wk! Oh how I love a warm shower and I so badly want to take a bath! So pray the water heater goes in soon. They said it takes a day to order didnt hear from them today, so will see how the wk goes.

Need to also call about a treatment for carpenter ants, and going to have the plumber look at lots of other things for me (future work, redo plumbing, reseat the toilet) and he does heat and ac, so gonna ask about adding AC since they only added a heat furnace and ductings, its pretty new a few yrs old but curious how much for the AC unit too then I can get rid of all the window units here.

I scrubbed down all the kitchen and dining room walls so far, oh and side porch. Need to do living room and sunroom still, did get started on sunroom. Windows have a black soot on then when I clean them.

Everyone here has been so nice, I did some yard work but killed the weed whacker, it was the walmart cheapo version, so oh well and the blower broke on day 1, a clip to hold the hose on. So Ill be returning it. But I got half the yard stuff done before that happened.

Cleaned out the garage really good, top to bottom, spider webs and things

Its a lovely home. And once I get a kitchen/bath reno it will be awesome once I decorate this place, its beautiful here, I suspect I will be here more then I anticipated. I do love the quiet and the peace and the beauty, wow, fall is gorgeous here.

I do enjoy being alone and the solitude, but I miss my decor, its so sparse here but Im waiting and not buying anything since those things will come with me the trip next yr and best to wait till then and get work done on the house first, paint etc.

But Im for sure bringing some floor rugs for the living room and upstairs bedrooms to warm up the spaces, will be painting, bedding. I just grabbed a hodge podge of things this trip, I actually wished I grabbed some nic nacks, to put on shelves and spaces. I have so much stuff no reason to buy any and bring it here from home. I opened up the sofa bed today to check out the mattress, WOA pet hair and dust city under that couch and the mattress was flat as can be sitting on the springs, so I vacuumed the heck out of it and cleaned it all off and put it back where it belongs! Eeesh! Ill use the couch itself for my bed still. I have it and the Lazy boy chair, and end table, coffee table and tv table (minus a tv) and 2 barstools at the counter. Kitchen has to cabinets and all the appliances and microwave. Upstairs has beds in each room with headboards and a green wood chair, I did bring a lamp and end table and put those upstairs by the bed.

I made a temp curtain for the kitchen window that is easy to pull open and shut. I brought some long ones that work for the upstairs windows but I need rods to put in for those. Alright gonna wrap this up for tonight, need to do my to do list for the wk and shopping list.